i_hate_shaq (i_hate_shaq) wrote,

ME: i have a ponderous question
do you think anyone really NEEDS anyone?
like...even if you really love someone a lot lot lot, do you really need them?
Luigi: idk
Luigi: one would think you would need them to be completely happy
Luigi: but would your life end not having them
Luigi: i doubt it
Luigi: you can probably find someone who makes you happy enough
Luigi: or even if you have no one
Luigi: you can still live
Luigi: just play the fields more
ME: lol
ME: this is making me head fuzz lol
Luigi: im sorry lol
Luigi: its best not to think about it i think
ME: most likely
Luigi: but what you have to think about is very few people know what love is
Luigi: they always think they know
Luigi: but do they really
Luigi: they just know that something makes them want to be around that person
Luigi: and figure it must be love
ME: well i think you can know it's love
you just don't necessarily know what exactly what love is
which doesn't make much sense lol
Luigi: the only person ive ever believed is in love
Luigi: this is including myself
Luigi: is you to be honest
Luigi: :\
ME: Luigi: the only person ive ever believed is in love
i thought you were saying that love was a person and it was the only person you've ever believed in
ME: i was about to ask you what you were smoking
Luigi: hahahahahaahahahahahahaha
Luigi: it could have been a person named in love
ME: who would name their child that?
Luigi: hed be a cool kid in my opinion
Luigi: i would
Luigi: lol
ME: what were his PARENTS smoking then?
Luigi: some good
Luigi: shit
ME: haha
Luigi: idk i believe it with you
Luigi: because a. its been like forever
Luigi: and b. i think deep down you wish you would just stop
Luigi: and c. because youd have to be either crazy or in love to find me this likeable

Hmm. I'm glad my feelings are recognized, I think lol. I've been so paranoid that no one would believe me if I said I really do love him. This makes me happy that at least he knows and believes me.

Goodness gracious.
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